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The Academy of Spirituality and Professional EXcellence

Who We Are:

We are a group of scholars and practitioners; members of the workforce - people from all walks of life: All cultures, nationalities, religions, ages, capacities, and other settings, connected through the belief that we can enhance the quality of life for ourselves and others, one person at the time.

We believe in the unity of things, and work in various fields to carry out our convictions. Our members are aware of their human responsibility to make this world a better place, not only for themselves and their immediate environment, but for the global community at large

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What We Do:

Aspex engages in activities that target to draw out a greater level of consciousness among members of the human cohort. With a great respect for diversity and an undying belief in human potential, we work on raising the awareness of interconnectedness with all being in as broad a way as we can.

Please participate in our online thought sessions. Read and post your comments to our "ASPEX Blog" by clicking here

To contact us:

Phone: 818 288 6294
Email: jmarques01@earthlink.net

Our main quarters are located in
Burbank, California, USA